Chiangmai Zoo Snow Dome

According to the nature of seasonal pandas living condition, on winter pandas shall live in an extremely cold weather. Therefore, Chiang Mai Zoo built a man-made snow town that imitate the natural living condition of pandas in China. There shall be artificial snow that fall similar to the real snow. The snow dome will be the place for the panda to stay during winter. For other period of the year, everyone will have a chance to feel the coldness that never happens in Thailand in order to keep it as the good memory once in a lifetime.
Impressive Picture
The landscape that is appropriate for taking impressive pictures both inside and outside the exhibition zone. On the outside, the landscape will be nicely arranged to be suitable for taking picture and you cannot find it anywhere else. Inside the snow dome, there are many decorations, such as ice chair and snowman made of large ice, as well as Chinese-style house, the Great Wall that are attractively decorated. The highlight is Eskimo’s house made of pure ice. Apart from that, you can take a picture with the panda too.
Be satisfied by the coldness

Experience the snowstorm. Here is the only place you can touch it with bare hands at the temperature lower than the freezing point at -7 °C. You will feel the coldness of the North Pole that is similar to natural.
Healthy Drink

Drink cold milk at low temperature atmosphere to see whether the feeling is different from usual or not. Let’s try it to see how it tastes. Maybe you’ll be impressed by it and suggest it to other people.
Non-stop Fun
Enjoy the Snow Ski Tube imported from abroad which can be rarely seen in Thailand. Sit and slide down together with friends and this will be your unforgettable memory. You can also enter into Eskimo’s house to see how they live the inside. There is a slide among the snowfall that you can enjoy. Don’t miss it.
Main Objectives
  • To give opportunity to people in Chiang Mai and other provinces nearby to visit the snow dome ;
  • To be one of the new modern tourist attraction of Thailand ;
  •  To be the learning center to study nature of pandas life during winter in the condition similar to China which is their original country.
List of activities in the Snow Dome
There is Snow Tube with the equipment available which are snowboard and safety equipment. The officers shall give instruction to play safely. The tourist shall experience the coldness at negative 7 degree Celsius and get to see the snowflakes just like standing among the real snowfall. Tourist can take photos with the snow in snow dome to keep the good memory. There are many snowmen and ice dolls prepared for the tourists. Apart from that, there are also Igloo (Eskimo’s house) made of compressed snow cut into blocks and stacked into a structure that people can go inside to get away from snowstorm and coldness. Tourists will experience how the cold fresh milk tastes in the negative temperature.
Schedule to enter Snow Dome
  • Round 1 เวลา 09.45 - 10.20 hrs
  • Round 2 เวลา 10.25 - 11.00 hrs
  • Round 3 เวลา 11.05 - 11.40 hrs
  • Round 4 เวลา 11.45 - 12.20 hrs
  • Round 5 เวลา 12.25 - 13.00 hrs
  • Round 6 เวลา 13.05 - 13.40 hrs
  • Round 7 เวลา 13.45 - 14.20 hrs
  • Round 8 เวลา 14.25 - 15.00 hrs
  • Round 9 เวลา 15.05 - 15.40 hrs
  • Round 10 เวลา 15.45 - 16.20 hrs
  • Round 11 เวลา 16.25 - 17.00 hrs
Entrance fee : 
  • Adult 150.- baht :
  • Child 100.- baht
For more information, please contact :
  • Chiang Mai Zoo Snow Dome, Chiang Mai Zoo, 100 HuayKaew Road, Sutep Sub-district, Muang District, Chiang Mai 50200